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Downloading and Contributing


This project releases can be obtained from the project page in Sourceforge. It isn't ready to be useable for third parties yet, but you can see what's all about and try the demo. Developers can get the often-updated source tree from CVS, in Sourceforge. This project has lots of dependencies some of them are:

  • Math3d
  • OpenGL
  • SDL
  • GNU Common C++
  • Gnome framework libraries
  • GNU Triangulated Surface Library
  • Berkeley DB3 (with C++ Bindings)
  • 3D Studio File Format Library
All of them come into standard Linux releases like Debian 3.0. The dependecies for the Prospector library are all portable to other OSs so, despite the tools are not portable, what is produced with them, and the libraries they required to manipulate it are portable.
Right now, the configure scripts don't check for all dependecies, so you may have errors when building even if the configure script didn't complain.
To get everything from the CVS tree, get the module "Prospectus". Forget about the other modules in the root of the CVS, they have been deprecated. Use the following:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co Prospectus

There's no password. Just hit "Enter".


As this project is my final project for Computer Science, and i haven't presented it yet, i cannot give full permission to the source tree. However, the code is quite modulated so that external contributions can be easily added (i hope). For example is very easy to add new interaction ways as they are completely encapsulated in classes, or new tools in Demiurg (primitives or modifiers).

I can create a CVS branch for other developers and this could be merged after project presentation.

Anyway, anybody trying to compile and run it is already contributing, and i appreciate any suggestions patches, etc...

Also if you look at the screenshots, you'll notice that there aren't any icons, but this is not a very important issue yet.

Contact me if you want, or visit the project development page at sourceforge.