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In this section you can find the documentation about each component as well as tool manuals if they are ever written. You can also find references to some related articles and documentation on techniques that have inspired the ones used in the project. I don't publish them in this site because i'm unsure about licensing problems that this could cause. However, you can find most of them in NEC's ResearchIndex. I include also the documentation generated from the demos, because they can provide a good source to know how to use the libraries.

Project Documentation

Documentation automatically generated from the sources using Doxygen. This documentation may be useful for general overview and as user and developer reference when it reaches completeness. Note that this documentation may be out of date. To get the last up-to-date docs, get the source code and generate it with Doxygen.

Demos Documentation

Right now, there's only one simple demo.

Related Documentation

Articles related to the techinques used in the libraries (yet to complete):

  • Roam
  • MAPS
  • Slicing and Blending