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Yes, people loves screenshots. Let's give them lots. But remember that screenshots were created to show what a project can do, but they turn to give the idea that the project can do more that what it really does. Apart of this, unstability doesn't appear in screenshots.
You can click on the images to see them in real size (1024).


The following screenshot shows a Demiurg landscape editing session. Note the mesh volumetric subdivision and a scalable interface on the left.
Screenshot 1

The next screenshot shows another Demiurg landscape editing session. Now we are using a tool to push and pull a plane surface in any direction and distrubuting it's strength according to a defined curve. If desired, the mesh is always kept to have a level of detai in a given interval so faces are melted and subdivided during edition.

Screenshot 2

The third shot shows a semi-regular subdivision mesh created from the arbitrary mesh in screeenshot 1. This is done to allow progressive view-dependant level of detail (see below).

Screenshot 3

The next one shows the process of applying materials to the landscape. There are tools to fill big regions of the surface and also a "brush" that allows you to paint directly over a mesh. This is what has been done with the stones material.

Screenshot 4

The last editor shot shows one peculiar feature of this landscape engine: it's not based on heightmaps, so you can build completely vertical surfaces, negative slopes or even caves.

Screenshot 5


The next shot shows the run-time library completely unliket from the editor Demiurg. The first shot shows a simple scene.

Screenshot 6

Another one: the view-dependant lod calculation have been frozen and we have pulled the camera backwards so we see that what was at our back was at coearser triangulation (but continuous). Screenshot 7

The last one: a colorful landscape with some trees made up of blending of different slices according to the direction of the viewer. Note the ugly sky and sea, his has to improve soon.

Screenshot 8

One more shot: dynamic colorful sky dome, and textured (not yet animated) water.

Screenshot 10